Seed & Sprig

Crutcho Creek Sod Farm - Midwest City, OK 73110


Seeding | Sprigging

Crutcho Creed offers several grass and field growing options for residential, commercial and industrial properties of any size. With our resources, experience and equipment, you can assure you are receiving the best service and products in this industry. Using powerful modern spraying and blowing equipment, we can evenly apply mixtures to landscapes including homes, golf courses, parks, fields, business complexes and any land that is desired. Our cost-effective options can be applied quickly and promote quick growth while reducing erosion. Contact us today for more information on our seeding options.


Sprigging is the application of plant sections cut from rhizomes and stolons known as sprigs (shredded sod or grass). These sprigs are then spread out evenly across the ground by machine or by hand. This method is very common in large sports fields and golf courses because of the cost. We offer pick up, delivery and installation of homes, businesses or complexes of any size.