Crutcho Creek Sod Farm - Midwest City, OK 73110


U-3 Bermuda | Tiff | Buffalo | Fescue ( Please Call Ahead to Order Fescue)

We Cut Fresh Sod Wednesdays & Fridays During Season (Weather Permitting)
    Why Crutcho Creek Sod Farm
  • Delivery & Installation
  • High Quality Sod
  • Cut Fresh to Order
  • Sophisticated Irrigation
  • Year-Round Availability
  • Acclimated to OK Climate
  • Pallet or Rolls Available

Crutcho Creek Sod Farm produces high quality sod that grows extremely well in the Southern climate. Using our sophisticated irrigation system, we can produce sod for year-round availability. We offer several options including delivery and installation for commercial or residential job of ANY size. We can also simply furnish the sod for pickup or delivery for those who choose to install themselves. Crutcho Creek offers the freshest cut sod in the area which is acclimated to our climate and adapts to a new soil easily and quickly.

Sod Types Available

U-3 Bermuda
Midland Bermuda
Astro Turf
Fescue (Please Call Ahead to Order Fescue)

Available In

Pallet - 500 Square Feet / 56 Rolls per Pallet
Rolls - 1 roll covers 9 Square feet